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The Global Education Project is a Canadian non-governmental organization with a 15-year history of publishing fact-packed educational wall posters and producing live events to educate about important issues.

Publishing Standards
The Global Education Project adheres to rigorous standards and strives for an impartial and comprehensive presentation of the most relevant information necessary for both accurate and adequate education in our publishing efforts. All sources are carefully chosen and cited. Charitable distribution of a large portion of each press run (usually 15%) is normal.

The GEP's electronic publishing efforts have produced accessible web sites which now include the entire contents of the recent paper publications, with additional links, sources and downloadable briefing sheets.

To fulfill our educational mandate and reach the largest possible readership, we publish both electronically and on paper the paper posters assist thousands of people not reached by the internet and provide a coherent multi-use overview on one piece of paper for which there is no equivalent in the electronic medium. The website is needed because many internet users are not going to purchase a printed piece. For most, free access is their only access.

Over 100,000 people used our website last year.

Other than one small grant in 1998, the maps and websites have been funded and produced entirely through the support of volunteers, unpaid staff, friends, and sales of the affordably priced paper products.

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