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Mortuary temple of the Third Pyramid. The Bent Pyramid at Dashur the Giza Plataeu from above. the Grand Gallery in the Great Pyramid.
The Old Kingdom Dynasties, and an in-depth look at all of the pyramids of Giza; maps, photos and aerial views of the plateau, quarry sites, stone work, drawings and photos of the interior of the Great Pyramid and all its known chambers, dimensions, mathematics, solar and stellar alignments, the Giza ground plan, the Second and Third Pyramids and rarely published diagrams of the satellite pyramids and mastabas of Giza.

The ancient Egyptians builders were masters in working with stone. These pages document photographic evidence, historical research and contemporary debates on stone technology. Topics include predynastic stonewares, straight saws, circular saws, tube drilling and lathes - Photos, Research Papers and Newsgroup Debate Summaries.

Symbol of ancient mystery and high magic. A fine photo tour with dozens of photos and diagrams, several pages of informative text, a detailed history of research, and summaries of contemporary debates.

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