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Chart of Utilization of Fish

Utilization of Fish
In 2017 around 22% of total global capture fisheries were used for non-direct human use, including fishmeal and direct feed, a large portion of which is used in aquaculture production.

"If four tonnes of wild caught anchovies are required as feed to produce one tonne of aquaculture-raised salmon, one cannot say that humanity has five tonnes of fish... Humanity has either four tonnes of anchovies, which are excellent eating and highly nutritious, or one tonne of salmon, but not both....It is probably correct that aquaculture will generally continue to grow and contribute to the food provision of more and more people...However, aquaculture cannot do this if it relies on fish that can also be eaten directly by people." [1]


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Text: [1.] Pauly D, and Zeller D (2017) Comments on FAOs State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture, 2016. Marine Policy 77: 176-181;

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