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Explore the Giza Plateau with photos, maps and diagrams of the Sphinx and the Pyramids in GIZA ON LINE.
Check out the photographic evidence of sophisticated stone working and incredible engineering in STONE TECHNOLOGY.
Preview the ORIGINAL "Guide to the Giza Plateau" and world's best "one page book" on the unsolved mysteries of the original Egyptians. Their mathematics, astronomy, medicine, stoneware and more.
Find it all from here - beginning with one of the most complete and well organized collections of Ancient Egypt links on the web. Don't waste your time surfing in the haystack - if it's out there - it's already here.
Stone Technology
There is no doubt that there was master stone working technology in Old Kingdom Egypt and here's the proof! These articles include Petrie's historical discoveries, numerous contemporary photos and articles on ancient Egyptian stone working methods.
The Giza Plateau and Pyramids
These extensive pages with photos and diagrams give a detailed overview of all of the pyramids of Giza as well as a list of the Old Kingdom Pharaohs credited with their construction; includes maps, photos and aerial views of the plateau, quarry sites and stone work, plus diagrams of the interior of the three main pyramids and all of the smaller satellite pyramids.
Sphinx and Temples
Symbol of ancient mystery and high magic. A fine photo tour with great photos, diagrams, informative text and a detailed history of research.
Link index
An amazing collection of links to sites concerned with Ancient Egypt. An excellent starting point for any inquiry.

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