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Academic Publications
Magazines, newsgroups and mailing lists covering topics related to ancient Egypt.

Ancient Egyptian Games
Computer versions of ancient games.

Carbon 14 Dating
Access to a brief synopsis of how carbon dating works, a more detailed explanation with some history of its development as well as labs around the world which specialise in the process.

Computer Aided Research
How computers and computer graphics are assisting research and education in the field of Egyptology.

Links to the major directories in Egyptology/Archaeology.

Hieroglyphs and Papyri
Links to glossaries of hieroglyphs, explanations of the hieroglyphic language, online classes in learning the language, ongoing research, discussion groups and more. Includes a link to E.A. Wallis Budge's translation of the Egyptian Book of the Dead.

with Egyptian collections

Personal Websites
with ancient Egyptian sections.

Spiritual organizations
For thousands of years, spiritual/magical leaders and their organizations have drawn inspiration from and claimed alliance to the Ancient Egyptian Mysteries. These links lead to those contemporary sites which stem from this ancient heritage.

The Great Pyramid
Sites focusing on different aspects of the Great Pyramid. Some interesting new research, statistical resources, on line debates, news group summaries etc.

Virtual Tours
Websites offering mini visual 'tours' of some aspect of ancient Egypt. These pages with photos and text offer a range of entertainment and educational value.

Academic Institutions
Colleges, universities and their affiliates.

Alternative Web Media
From the radical and scientifically rigorous to the wild and wooly. This set includes the whole range.


Commercial Sites
Offering a variety of services related to things Egyptian - translations to and from heiroglyphs and languages in which Egyptology is studied, graphics, book & research publishing, etc.

Digs and excavations
Some on line sites offering a look at archaeology excavation in process.

Links to directories of Egyptologists world wide, some with email addresses and college affiliations.

Images and Photographs
Photographic galleries and image collections related to ancient or contemporary Egypt

Non Academic Publications
Magazines, internet newsgroups, internet mailing lists and more.


The Giza Plateau
Explorations of the possible overall ground plan for the monuments at Giza.

The Sphinx
Recent news, extensive coverage of the erosion/age debate, and ongoing research.

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