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Global Power: Politics, Business, Finance, Warfare

The people with greatest wealth and power live mostly in the G8 countries. With increased globalization, they have maintained or increased their share of the total global wealth as well as their influence and responsibility in all international arenas - politics, economics, technology, development, industry, trade and warfare.

A billion is a lot more than a million. If the thin 21 inch vertical line at the right represents the average net worth of the wealthiest 1% of americans - $10,204,000 - a line representing 1 billion dollars would be 171 ft tall. The current generation of 586 billionaires (276 in the USA) have from $1B to $46B.

Top CEO Income : Worker Income Ratios
USA 475:1 - UK 24:1 - France 15:1 - Sweden 13:1

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For more information about international wealth distribution and inequality, see our Development and Debt section.